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About DASH!


After years of shopping outdoor antique markets and home shows in other cities, we decided that a metro area of 6 million people needed its own fun and fresh home decor and gift market .... DASH was born!


What is DASH?

DASH is Design | Art | Style | Home... 

                                                                Houston’s highly curated home décor and gift market brings together a                                                                            collection of local and national dealers biannually to give Houston shoppers                                                                    an all-inclusive experience as they discover the finest home accessories, art,                                                                  jewelry, clothing, and gifts under one roof.

DASH ...

2DASH co-founders Michelle Maresh, Angel

Who Shops DASH?

     Well, you! ...and all your friends who are knowledgeable home decor buyers, designers, young collectors, and special gift seekers. DASH invites you to shop and enjoy our Warehouse Bar, the food, music, and fabulous DASH dealers.

CAMO Rescue.jpg
Coco Jacket.jpg

"DASH is a favorite Houston tradition!"



Richmond Square

5125 B Richmond Ave.
Houston, Texas


DASH DAYS... are always fun days!

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